Complex and Home Owner Association Management

We make your life easier.

At ALANYA HOME CARE Complex and Property Management, we know that a lot of work goes into managing successful community associations.  That’s why we put our expertise, knowledge and resources to work for you every day. 

Buying a house or apartment in a complex in ALANYA often means that you become part of an officially organized Community of Owners. As the proud owner of this property in the Complex you have automatically become part of this community. The upkeep and value of your property will depend largely on the efficiency of the Community of Owners.  

The purpose of the Community and Complex Management is to ensure safe upkeep and good maintenance of the common grounds of the properties for the benefit of all owners. There are laws and bylaws which pertain to the setting up, running and statutes of the Complex. 

It is sometimes difficult to see what goes on in the background but the management of a complex involves so much more than you can see on the surface of the general maintenance. ALANYA HOME CARE based in ALANYA is hired by and reports to the Board of Directors of the Association and assists them in the effective management of the Complex Association. Because the Directors are elected by the homeowners to work in their best interests, ALANYA HOME CARE services are designed and implemented with that objective in mind.

If you own a property in the ALANYA or if you are planning to buy a property in ALANYA which is in a complex, or if you are having problems with your current complex management company feel free to contact our team of multilingual professional property managers to get free advice about any questions you may have.