Home Services

Private Home Management will provide the absentee homeowner with unparalleled service that will exceed your expectations. We tailor our services to meet the individual needs and concerns of our clients. We strive to build one on one relationships with each and every homeowner. 

Alanya Home Care Private Home Management is driven by an adherence to protect what matters, to act in your best interest in every situation and to honor our commitment to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with employing a firm that is the benchmark in reliability, honesty, integrity and dedication.

• Periodically check-up of your property 
• Payment of your bills  
• Payment of your property tax 
• Arrange insurance for your property 
• Provide cleaning service & laundry service 
• Water indoor plants 
• Make sure that upon arrival at your house refrigerator is filled 
• Help you with opening a bank account 
• Electricity and water meter connection 
• Arrange telephone line / internet (only with valid residence permit) 
• Satellite connection 
• Representation of you towards the insurance company regarding potential claims 
• Help you with healthcare and other emergencies 24 hours a day 
• Help you get your residence permit (if requested) 
• Participate in owners meetings on your behalf (if power of attorney is given) 
• If you want we can arrange car rental for you 
• Arrange excursions in Alanya and surroundings 
• You can use our office if you need to photocopy, check your e-mail, etc. 
• Maintenance, repairs and alterations of your property can be arranged.

Again, we tailor our services to your individual needs. The above list is just a suggestion. If you have other requests or concerns we are confident that they can be accommodated. 
If we ever encounter a problem we will notify you immediately and will work to remedy the problem at once.

Alanya Home Care offers you 4 different service packages:   
Basic pack: Only Payment of the bills and taxes service.   
Service package 1: Basic service + visit at you property once every month   
Service package 2: Basic service + 2 times visit a month at you property   
Service package 3: Basic service + 4 times visits every month at you property

Check IN & check OUT
You have property in Alanya and you want extra return on your investment: Let us rent out your property and we take all the hassle off your hands! 

Home Rental services
Are you one of the lucky people who own a home in Alanya?  Want some extra money by renting your home in Alanya. Let us then rent your home so other people can also spend their holiday in Alanya.

We from Alanya Home Care are now able to offer homeowners in Alanya to rent their house out for other persons, who dreams to take their holiday in a luxury home.

In consultation with you we can rent your home. 

We prepare rental contracts, make an inventory, take pictures and receive a deposit before tenant moves in. Do you already have friends or renters who want to spend their holiday in your home? We can also provide you as a homeowner with all the services you need to make sure that they have a good time.

We also have the opportunity to rent out to people who wish to stay in Alanya over a longer period.


What is our service to you as homeowner?

*Transfers from/to airport

*Prepare welcome packages

*Prepare contracts

*Collect a deposit 

*Lead renters around in your house and surroundings

*Checking of electric and water meters

*Cleaning & laundry service